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The CEO of is listed as one Shahaf Bar-Geffen. Most of the website’s traffic comes from the United States. The domain was registered on the 15th day of August, 2017. Talking about the platform’s aim or vision, the platform revealed:

“Mass adoption of digital currencies in the mobile era
A few years from now, digital currencies will play a central role in our lives, replacing coins, cash, cards and cheques. They will enable us to transact more easily, more cost-effectively and with greater security than ever before.

COTI aspires to bring about this change by reconciling the best of traditional payment systems with the best of digital currencies to become the Currency of the Internet.”

It poses itself as digital currency built for the internet. It also poses to be behind the Currency of the Internet.

On the Challenge it wants to combat, the platform wrote:

Payment systems are not keeping pace with e-commerce

Traditional payment systems like Visa and Mastercard experience numerous shortcomings – from high fees to low approval rates. They also fail to account for the underbanked population, which amounts to 2 billion people around the globe without access to financial services and banks.

On the other end of the spectrum, digital currencies like Bitcoin have faced severe network congestion, giving rise to scalability issues, higher fees and slower settlement times.”

On the Solution to these problems which the platform claims to have provided, it revealed:

“At COTI we’ve not only built a digital currency, but an entire digital payment ecosystem. COTI’s DAG-based consensus model, Trust Scoring Engine, Mediation System, currency exchange and decentralised governance are all hallmarks to the functioning of the COTI network.

Our payments network was designed to take over where traditional payment systems left off, namely with instantaneous transfers, low-to-zero fees and cost effective buyer-seller protections. This is a major advantage for consumers and merchants alike as compared to traditional banking, credit cards and P2P platforms.”

COTI claims to be the Currency of the Internet, the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and reliable way to pay.

“Participating in COTI’s token sale will be straight-forward. Enter your email in the form provided above to receive a notification when the details of the token sale are released. During the sale, tokens will be available for purchase using card, bank wire, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Any COTI token that you purchase will be delivered to you at the end of the token sale.”

Remember to contact us via [email protected] for questions and inquiry.

Coti‘s Pre sale ends in 3 days time from today 22nd May, 2018.

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