Ethereum Price Surpasses Bitcoin Cash

Ethereum Price Surpasses Bitcoin Cash

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The ether price has surpassed that of bitcoin cash for the first time ever, becoming the latest negative milestone in a tumultuous few weeks for the world’s fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation. Ethereum traded at $85.51, while bitcoin cash traded at $82 as at time of report.

After the bitcoin cash fork which culminated in a hash war that gave birth to BCH ABC and BCH SV, bitcoin cash has been one of the biggest losers in the crypto market over the past month. It first dropped from its post-fork price of $200 before eventually falling behind ethereum as well.

The insecurity started by the hash war is likewise broadly credited with being in any event incompletely in charge of the finish of year crypto advertise defeat that has seen bitcoin compromise to break $3,000, with for all intents and purposes all significant digital forms of money down no less than 90 percent from their record-breaking high valuations.

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