Givers room – Login, Register, Offline, Crash, Refund, Withdraw, Contact

Givers room – Login, Register, Offline, Crash, Refund, Withdraw, Contact


Giversroom or Givers room is a peer to peer donation system or platform. Now the platform migrated to

GiversRoom is advertised coming together of individuals to help one another, you give to the community and as a show of appreciation, the community will assign a/some participants to give to you(50%).

According to,  “Giversroom is a family, and we are here to make your dream come true. We are a community of like minded people, coming together to help one another. “Give and it shall be given unto you in 2 folds (50% ROI)”. You do not need to refer people before you will earn. Join us today and rejoice tomorrow.” Click link below to access, register or Login to Giversroom.

Access was registered on 2017-10-03 . It’s registrant’s contact is Phone: +507.8365503

The major problem with Giversroom now is that since they purportedly moved to the .club domain, many people are yet to receive their money and the purported new domain is not even accessible.

One thing with Peer to peer schemes is that it they fold up once there are no new members coming into the scheme. Stay tuned to get to know when there is a help line for possible refund …

Update – The .club is online now and most of it’s traffic comes from Ghana, Africa.

Many participants are having issues with receiving payments as it stands now. Please use the live chat box herein or the comment section to drop comments about your problem and possibly get a solution.

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