Michael Kadar, Bomb Hoaxer Jailed after Making $800,000 in Bitcoin

Michael Kadar, Bomb Hoaxer Jailed after Making $800,000 in Bitcoin

Bomb Hoaxer

Michael Kadar, an American-Israeli teenager, a Bomb Hoaxer who made bomb threats for a living has been sentenced to ten years in prison by a Tel Aviv court after he made a fortune in bitcoin.

According to prosecutors, Michael Kadar, 19, was responsible for around 2,000 bomb hoaxes between 2015 and 2017. He got the name “JCC bomb hoaxer” in Israel due to his focus on Jewish Community Centers. He also targets commercial airlines, airports and even schools among many.

To make bomb threats to commercial jets, He charged charged US$500, while bomb threats to private residences cost US$40. He also charged US$80 to make a bomb threat to schools.

As indicated by media reports in Israel, a portion of the bomb dangers Kadar made to schools happened after he was paid by understudies who needed to have exams put off. The bomb scams produced freeze and brought about constrained mass clearings as police and crisis administrations reacted. In a few occurrences, warrior planes were mixed with the end goal to escort business planes that had been compelled to arrive.

The verdict from Judge Zvi Gurfinkel read: “One can easily imagine the terror, the fear and the horror that gripped the airplane passengers who were forced to make an emergency landing, some of whom were injured while evacuating the plane and the terrified panic caused when there was a need to evacuate pupils from schools because of fake bomb threats,”

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