Michael Williams, Senator Arrested for Lying about Stolen Crypto Mining Equipment

Michael Williams, Senator Arrested for Lying about Stolen Crypto Mining Equipment

Crypto Mining Equipment

A state Senator from Georgia, Michael Williams, has presented himself to authorities after he was accused of insurance fraud. He was arrested for Lying about Stolen Crypto Mining Equipment.

Williams, who is among those that introduced the Senate Bill 464 which aimed to compel the state’s revenue authority to receive cryptocurrency as payments for taxes was charged by a Hall County grand jury on December 18 after an investigation was carried out by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The prosecutors said that back in May 2017, Williams lied about the theft of computer servers that were being used to mine cryptocurrency from his campaign offices, which were located on Monroe Drive in Gainesville.

Williams’ campaign manager claimed that the burglars carted away with computer equipment worth $300,000.

He was additionally said to have been utilizing the servers for LPW Ventures, his business, while directing effort related tasks in an alternate piece of the building. He was in the end blamed for misleading policemen and examiners and documenting a false protection guarantee concerning the case.

He in the long run turned himself over on December 26, in spite of the fact that the Gainesville Times (GT) detailed that he was in this way discharged on a $10,000 bond safeguard that equivalent evening.

While Williams didn’t offer a remark on the charges that were documented against him, his lawyer A.J. Richman has kept on protecting him. He was cited by the GT saying:

“Mr. Williams did not do this. We are not really apprised of their evidence yet. While they haven’t disclosed that, I am sure they will soon. But at this point, we don’t know what if they say we did other than what the indictment says.”

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