Network will speed up with Ethereum Roll up – Vitalis Buterin

Vitalik Buterin in an interview with the Tim Ferris Show stated that Ethereum processing capacity 100x could be increased with L2 solution.

The L2 solution called Rollups develops sidechains that are used for storage and processing and it batches that culminates into Ethereum mainnet. Valik said the L2 solu tion was created by a company known as Optimism, the solution ought to leave Beta testing in a month.

Also, by the time the network will need more capacity more than what the Roll up solution can provide, there will be in place  Ethereum 2’s sharding mechanism as posited by Vitalik.

There is an upgrade on Ethereum, known as Berlin that will be launched on April 14th at block 122pril 14th at block 1224000 and in Berlin, there won’t be any roll up.

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