How to continue or play Subway Surfers with new phone – Not restart

How to continue or play Subway Surfers with new phone – Not restart

play Subway Surfers with new phone


It is a common problem that when you get a new phone you cannot continue your race on the subway surfers game application. Many people want to know how to play Subway Surfers with new phone.

According to a google user who rated the game “5 stars”

“Have been playing this game since it game out years ago. Love it. The only thing I hate is how if you get a new phone you have to restart everything,you’re score that boosted to 30 and all the outfits and people and boards are gone. The only thing they let you have is the double coins back. Please fix this somehow. Probably 10 times I have had to get my score booster thing back to 30x and it sucks.please fix this and it would be great”

Now some of the new features which was embedded into this game following it’s recent update are:

★ The Subway Surfers World Tour heads to Venice Beach
★ Enjoy the buzzy beach vibes and sunny promenades of LA
★ Add some coolness to your crew with Dylan, the awesome skater
★ Unlock the new Renegade Board and Dylan’s Lifeguard Outfit
★ Get Boombot, the cheerful breakdancing robot, as a free bonus with any purchase
The game which has over 1 billion downloads was last updated on the 31st day of May, 2018 as at the time of this report.
To solve this issue perfectly, you are advised to email the developers via [email protected]. This is the fastest way to solve this problem as there are no cheat codes for it.
Always contact us via [email protected] for questions and inquires.

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