Version 2 of MEME Farm launched

Version 2 of MEME Farm launched

There are myriads of feature improvements launched by the second iteration of NFT farming platform, MEME.  V2 has been gone live as announced by the NFT farming platform and in order to meet the increasing demand for the platform and also to scale, Version 2 has been rebuilt from ground.

There have been an upgrade to the user interface and the improvements to the  time taken to arrive on the platform have been made. The content from the reputable artist Beeple and two scaling improvements will be included in future releases.

“In the coming weeks, we’ll see Beeple, and future versions of the platform that innovate on our tokenomics and other types of drop mechanics,”

In the eight months since its initial launch, MEME has made some remarkable achievements. These include attracting over 30 artists and creators and 6,700 NFT holders to the platform which has a reported total value locked of $25 million.

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