Review – Register, Login, Vast Token Sale, ICO, Reddit, Scam Review – Register, Login, Vast Token Sale, ICO, Reddit, Scam has no information about who owns or runs the website of business. The domain was privately registered 12th day of December, 2016. The admins are largely anonymous as at the time of this publication.

This is so irrespective of the fact that many persons are listed as one thing or the other on the scheme. Most of these guys cannot be verified.

According to “Votem is pleased to introduce the VAST Token, the only token that will enable citizens around the world to easily vote online and from their mobile devices with an unprecedented level of verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency. Founded in 2014, Votem is on a full out offensive in order to change the way we vote and believes that mobile voting will create positive change in the world by bringing modern voting to the world. Votem’s Mobile Voting Platform powered the largest blockchain-based digital vote to date.”

As at the time of this publication, Votem is in its private presale phase to strategic partners. Votem claims to be based in Cleveland, Ohio and is a Delaware registered Corporation.

Votem claims to be founded by Pete Martin, a successful serial entrepreneur who has started and sold several business including most recently selling his consulting firm to KPMG which provided the seed money to start Votem.

Most of the traffic flowing to comes from United states and Russia.

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The thing is, has no retail-able product or service making it’s members only able to market new affiliate membership. There is also no other known source of income to Votem except funds flowing from new affiliates and using new funds from new affiliates to pay old affiliates makes a scheme a Ponzi scheme and Ponzi schemes fold up or wind up once there are no longer new affiliates to invest in the scheme.

You can access, register or login to Votem’s website by clicking the link below


Votem has strived to maintain its members and there are no negative complaints yet about the scheme.

Remember to report all issues to us via [email protected]

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