Greenlit to be overhauled by Ethereum’s ‘EIP 15591’ Fee Market

In recent times, the most distinctive and controversial change to the Ethereum Blochain  is now programmed to be added to the codebase.

According to All Core Developers, Ethereum Improvement Proposal will be wrapped together with the London hard fork and this is to be done without acknowledging the opposition from the mining industry. Also it has been reported that there other five Ethereum Improvement proposals that are ready to work with Ethereum Improvement proposal 1559  to achieve the aforementioned in London.

In order to rectify the problems experienced by users of Ethereum, Ethereum Improvement proposals 1559, tends to flip a particular blockchain transaction on its head. Conventionally, for a transaction of Ethereum to be put in a block, a user sends a gas fee to the miner, then there will be an onward sending of gas fee to the network itself as a form of burn and which is known as basefee and which is only a non-mandatory fee paid given to miners. In order to make it easy for the users to pay an equitable fee, the burnt fee is in form of algorithms.

On the premise of the recent issues associated with Ethereum on the issues of selecting a transaction fee by the users and creators respectively, the Ethereum Improvement proposals has gathered one of the biggest support. On the premise that the proposal may lead to mainet, Mining and Mining pools are opposing to the proposal.

It is pertinent to add that one of the most profitable business in recent times, is Ethereum mining. According to Coin Metrics, at a certain time, the total mining revenue of Etrhereum has crossed a $1.3 billion record and which fifty percent of the record being gotten from fees alone. Also, a new wave of hash power has been added to the network , because of increase in the prices of ether and its transactional fees and which is more than twice of what it used to be a year ago.

There have been plethora of campaigns against Ethereum Improvement proposal, especially from Minority Mining Pool Flexpool and other myriads of minority pools have joined the majority pools: Sparkpool and Ethermine.

Currently, about 60% of the network from Ethereum hash power is opposing the Ethereum Improvement proposals. The biggest proponents of F2pool and which is in favour of the EIP, with a hash power of ten percent.

The developers of Ethereum , attached with a dealy in difficulty bomb, has decided to put together Ethereum Improvement proposals 1559 . The bomb which is also acknowledged as Ice Age, do pose a difficulty oin the high side in mining the etherum network.

The putting together of Ethereum Improvement proposals with the delay aided to ensure that Ethereum will not be put in a mess by any one, without passing through some tight challenges.




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