IBM Unveils 2 More Blockchain Patents for Security & Database Management

IBM Unveils 2 More Blockchain Patents for Security & Database Management

IBM Blockchain Patents

IBM is adding to its blockchain patents with two new applications, the United States Patent and Trademark.

According to a patent document, IBM now seeks to target network security using blockchain technology. A second patent aims at database management using the tech.

The description of the first blockchain patent says:“Securing a data log using monitor security protocols may be accomplished with different levels of security, ranging from low security to high security, and have various combinations of hardware and software configurations,”

“Low security may allow open access to the event logs while high security may significantly restrict access to the event logs. Protecting the monitored system from hackers gaining access to alter the event logs may require a new type of security configuration.”

On the second patent, IBM says so-called database management systems (DBMSs) are currently inefficient due to their bulk and could therefore benefit from the streamlining blockchain solutions tend to offer.

The patent document went to say :“DBMSs are typically configured to separate the process of storing data from accessing, manipulating, or using data stored in a database,”

“DBMSs often require tremendous resources to handle the heavy workloads placed on such systems. As such, it may be useful to manage a DBMS using a blockchain database.”

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