USA Leads in Blockchain-Related Job Offerings Worldwide

USA Leads in Blockchain-Related Job Offerings Worldwide

Blockchain-Related Job Offerings

So are you aware that Blockchain Tech is a revolution? The United States is the world’s leader in blockchain-related job offerings. This is according to a research by The NextWeb (TNW).

TNW gathered information from job and recruiting site Glassdoor, finding all the job offerings that had the term “blockchain” in the job listing in countries around the world in order to prepare the report.

The results reportedly showed that the U.S. is leading the world in terms of blockchain-related jobs, having 2,616 of a total of 5,711 blockchain jobs listed on Glassdoor globally. The U.S. is followed by the United Kingdom, with 1,015 blockchain-related job ads, and India is in the third place, with 257 jobs.

“Blockchain Engineer” takes lead of the jobs posted online. Positions as “Senior Software Engineer” and “Blockchain Developer” are the second and third most popular job titles.

From the list of companies offering blockchain-related jobs made by TNW, IBM reportedly offers the greatest number of blockchain jobs, and is followed by Big Four accounting firm Ernst & Young and software company Oracle.

In the top 10 companies, only three are reportedly related to digital currencies, Foris Limited,, and Wirex. Ripple records 17th and blockchain software tech company ConsenSys is the 13th.

Hired, a recruitment company released a report showing that the global demand for blockchain engineers is up by 517 percent year-over-year in February. The second-fastest growing software engineering role is security engineer, with 132 percent growth, and third is embedded engineer, up 76 percent. The blockchain engineer role also stays among the top-three most-paid software engineering jobs in the cities covered in the report consistently.

The adoption of blockchain technology is still in its early stages. Cities and Countries who are investing in Blockchain Technology now might go a long way to grow faster than other cities and countries in the world. It is a revolution.

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