‘AOL Mailbox on Hold’ – Phishing Scam, Fraud

‘AOL Mailbox on Hold’ – Phishing Scam, Fraud

The “AOL Mailbox on Hold” email is a phishing scam. AOL users who have received the same email are advised to delete it. The phishing scam is being sent by scammers to trick AOL users into clicking on the link in it, which goes to a phishing website that steals AOL email account username and password.

The emails usually take this form:

“From: Mailbox. Administrator

Date: Tue, Feb 27, 2018 4:00 PM

Subject:Mail On Hold!


Our Security squad received your Inquiry to terminate your account, We will proceed your request within 2 working days. All features identify with your mailbox will be vanished.

Was this you or someone else, If you don’t make the inquiry, Kindly cancel the inquiry to continue using our maintenance

to Cancel Inquiry

Yours Sincerely,

A.O.L Support”

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AOL users who have already followed the instructions in these emails are advised to change their AOL account passwords immediately before their accounts are hacked by scammers and used fraudulently.

NB – No website or email provider will ask you to send your login details for anything!!

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