AOL Service Removal Requested has been Initiated – Scam Alert

AOL Service Removal Requested has been Initiated – Scam Alert

The email message with the subject “Service Removal Requested has Initiated,” which purports that a request to remove the recipients’ email from the domain has been initiated, is a phishing scam created to steal AOL usernames and passwords. The email message is being sent by scammers, whose intentions are to gain access to the potential victims’ email accounts and use them for malicious or fraudulent purposes.

The email looks like this:

AOL Service Removal Requested has been Initiated

From: “Today”<[email protected]>

Date: 4 February 2018 at 00:08:41 GMT

Subject: Network Service

AOL Help

Service Removal Requested has initiated:

Your request to remove your e-mail from our domain has been initiated.

Please reply with ‘I Approve’ to confirm your request. Click here if this request was not initiated by you.

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The link in the email directs you to a fake AOL website in an attempt to trick the potential victims into entering their usernames and passwords on it. If the potential victims enter their AOL usernames and passwords on the fake website, it will be sent to the scammers behind the email scam, who will use the information to hack the victim’s account.

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AOL users who have received email messages like this should just ignore it and go straight to their accounts.

AOL users who have already fallen prey should change their passwords.

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