Bitcoin could do another 4x

Based on assumption, the data gotten from Cryptoquant shows that BTC have not gotten to its peak yet. It has been said that the aforementioned is worth exploring, based on few fruitful price projections that were currently made by proponents or exhibited by indicators to show where the peak could be.

A price of $220,000 by the year end, was envisioned by Max Keiser that anchors Keiser report. BTC is seen at $288,000 by the stock-flow model and it has been shown that bitcoin could indeed get those levels in history by the long-term holder, MVRV metric and it does repeat itself.

There are similar number in the sights of Bitcoin Reserve Risk. Despite the BTC’s surge since October, 2020, the metric used to assess the confidence of long-term holders relative to the price of the asset is relatively low .

It has been shown by the data gotten from Coinmetrics that the last time the reserve risk was at such levels as it is presently. There was an increase in the value of bitcoin by 4x roughly in the following months. Also, if the aforementioned is to repeat itself again, there will be a $200,000 jump in BTC

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