Bitcoin Market Cap passes $1 trillion

Since Bitcoin fell to $815 billion, the total market capitalization has seen tremendous increase since 28th Februuary, and which  is the lowest since it fell to $1 trillion mark on 20th February.

Assetdash opined that by market capitalization, Bitcoin is the sixth largest asset and which is trailing the likes of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft in the top five.

According to Jeane Deane, Bitcoin may in a matter of time surpass the likes of Apple, Amazon and Microsoft in  market capitalization, because bitcoin market capitalization grows as more bitcoin is mined.

Also, Jean Deane opined that there is less and lesser likelihood of Bitcoin dropping below the psychological importance of $1 trillion market cap.

There could be Instutional investment if Bitcoin sustains $1 trillion market capitalization

Accroding to Curtis Ting, the managing director of Europe at Crypto Exchange, Kraken, he opined that:

‘Bitcoin getting to Trillion dollar mark confers some vestige of staying power and legitimacy a dn that for some institutional heavy hitters, it can be a prerequisite for allocation’







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