Bitcoin now owned by forty six million Americans

After Newsweek published the article headlined “46 Million Americans Now Own Bitcoin, As Crypto Goes Mainstream” on May 11, Crypto social media was abuzz

Also, most Bitcoiners re-posted the figure and one of such figures is the CEO of Microstrategy, Michael Saylor and in in his tweet, he stated that crypto mainstream is being taken over by finance industry and in which they do bitcoin building in banking, insurance and investment products. Also 46 million Americans owns Bitcoin.

Also sheer number of Bitcoiners represents “a powerful constituency that cannot be ignored. Political dividends for embracing Bitcoin are enormous.” According to Nic Carter the Coin Metrics Co-founder.

Dan Held, the growth lead at Kraken was another celebrating the milestone, tweeting:

“46 Million Americans own Bitcoin. 22% of all adults. It’s happening.”

However over on the r/bitcoin subreddit, the general reaction was best characterized as disbelief, with some Redditors calling it “grossly exaggerated” or posting that they were “not buying those numbers”. Redditor unfuckingstoppable posted:

“Sounds very high. I don’t know a single person who owns it. and this says 1 in 6 or 7 people own it.”

The 46 million figure for crypto ownership in America actually comes from a survey conducted from Jan. 6 to Jan .7 by New York Digital Investment Group or NYDIG.

The January survey was referenced in a more recent survey conducted on March 22 by NYDIG about Bitcoin and life insurance, which formed the basis of the Newsweek article. Though long in the tooth, the researtch has caught people’s attention thanks to being highlighted in a major media outlet.

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