Bitcoin Price Hits $5,825, What’s Next After This Plunge …

Bitcoin Price Hits $5,825, What’s Next After This Plunge …

The bitcoin price has gone below the $5,900 mark, after initially dipping below the $6,000 mark on June 23. Subsequent to four consecutive sell-offs as shown in the 1-hour bitcoin price chart below, BTC officially fell to a yearly low.

On February, the bitcoin price recorded a major drop from around $8,000 to the lower end of $6,000, bottoming out at around $6,050. However, on June 24, the drop of BTC continued to the higher end of the $5,000 region, entering $5,000 for the first time since early November.

The price trend of BTC has been nearly identical to the fall of BTC in 2014, when it experienced a 80 percent correction from its all-time high. Conceptually, the fall of BTC in 2014 and 2018 poses no difference, given that both corrections were triggered by the eruption of a retail investor bubble.

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