Coinbase Users To Now Earn $6 in DAI For Doing This!

Coinbase Users To Now Earn $6 in DAI

Coinbase on 10th of June, 2019 announced that “Coinbase Earn”, its educational service that rewards users for learning about different cryptocurrencies, has added support for Dai (DAI), the “first decentralized stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain.”

Coinbase Earn was first launched in “invite-only mode” on 19th December 2018, giving a few lucky users the chance to earn 0x (ZRX) as they learn about it.

Coinbase explained the motivation behind Coinbase Earn thus:

“Coinbase Earn allows users to earn cryptocurrencies, while learning about them in a simple and engaging way. The idea is for users to understand more about an asset’s utility and its underlying technology, while getting a bit of the asset to try out.”

The basic idea is that in each lesson, you watch a short video after which you can perform educational tasks such as taking a multiple-choice quiz for which you are rewarded a certain amount of crypto (usually, around $2 in a particular cryptocurrency for each lesson that you prove you have learned by passing its associated quiz).

Coinbase Earn is available now in the 100+ jurisdictions in which Coinbase operates but only eligible users which means those who have passed KYC Levels 1 and 2 in the following 19 jurisdictions can currently join Coinbase Earn and start earning crypto:

United States (excluding residents of New York or Hawaii state), United Kingdom, many countries in the European Union (Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden), Canada, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Users in other jurisdictions in which Coinbase operates can join a waiting list, and get notification when it becomes available.

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