Comment Info On Facebook Bitcoin & Crypto Scam – Fraud

Comment Info On Facebook Bitcoin & Crypto Scam – Fraud

Facebook users do see this “comment Info” every time on their timeline. These accounts will tell you to comment info to get the latest Bitcoin or Crypto site that will pay you 100% ROI (Return of Investment) within a short time usually upon registration or after 12 hours.

The truth about these posts you see on Facebook is that it can never be true. Nobody will give you $100 for free just like that for just signing up or registering with one website. Do they pluck the money from the trees ..?? These are scammers who are trying to harvest your personal information. These scammers or fraudsters are just using that means to verify and harvest active Facebook accounts which they will eventually start spamming with unsolicited messages about wining one Bitcoin or some amount of Dollars. These scammers will eventually tell you to send an amount of money which will be used to process the prize or money you won and once you send the money, they will instantly stop replying you messages and eventually block you. They will now move on to the next victim.

Some of these fraudsters might even try to hack your Facebook account and then use it to perpetrate fraud while some will send you a link leading to a Fraudulent website where you will enter your credit card details to make a purchase. Once you enter your card details, the fraudulent website will harvest it and the scammers will eventually try using it to transfer money from your account or use it to purchase things online themselves.

If you have entered your details, i advise you block your card and ask for a new one from your bank. Stay aware from these scammers on Facebook as they will not only dupe you but will also put you into great problem. Use the comment box or chat box to report these to us with their Facebook handles …

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Don’t forget you can always use the Live Chat Box herein to chat with real people who are experiencing the same thing like you or use the comment box to report such scams. Also email [email protected]

NB – Many people are getting scammed by people using this method on Facebook.

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