becomes a major shareholder in Visa Network

The newest payment service and cryptocurrency exchange to join Visa network, is

There is a worldwide alliance with the debit and credit card payment giant, Visa card and Also, part of this alliance is that is now a stakeholder in Visa’s network Australia.

The alliance with Visa Card, according to is premised of the fact that the firm is aiming to enlarge the reach of the crypto visa card.

More than thirty countries all over the world are suing Visa card and theses countries include, Canada, United States, all over Asia-Pacific and also in Europe.

Also, with the presence of in Australia, the company intends to start issuing ist Visa and also plan on penetrating the market further all over the worlds for the issuance of its credit and debit card.  Also the company, will start issuing important cards in Europe and this is different from its physical Visa card product.

Kris Marszalek the CEO of posited that becoming a principal member of the leader of the world’s digital payments, by signing the global partnership with Visa, attest to commitment to hasten the World’s shift to Cryptocurrrency.


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