Defi protocol Vesper Finance tops $1B TVL in six weeks- Jeff Garzik

A De-fi yield co-founder by former Bitcoin Core Developer, Jeff Garzik, Vesper Finance has amassed a $ 1 Billion TVL within its six weeks of debuting it on mainnet.

On March 23, the news was tweeted by an executive of blcokchain  technology firm Bloq inc, Garzik and also said that an open-sourced the smart contracts.

Also, Garzik stated that packaging, transfer and auction of any amount of non –fungible token and ERC-20s, can be done through the protocol’s open source transferable NFT container.

From December 22 until Feb, 17 , there have been distinctive growth with the protocol since it amassed $25 million during Beta. Recently, $500 million is the value at which Vesper has snowballed.

Recently  Vesper is rated as the 15-largest protocol with a TVL of $1.09 billion and which is above Badger DAO and slightly behind Autofarm.


The platform currently offers five single-asset pools, offering yields to investors who deposit DAI, USDC, ETH, WBTC, or Vesper’s native token, VSP. Rewards are also offered to depositors in the form of VSP for most assets.

The WBTC vault is currently the most popular pool with nearly $420 million locked, followed by ETH with $382 million, USDC with roughly $222 million, and VSP with $72 million. Only $259,074 has been deposited into the DAI pool.

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