Farsite built on the Ethereum blockchain

When players purchase crates, which contain random drops of credits, materials, and ship parts, as well as spaceships and ship blueprints, Funds flow into the Farsite economy. Some limited-edition crates with better drops will be available in a pre-sale and can be resold in or out of the game. The crate pre-sale will begin on May 31.

The developers plan to mint a total of 10 million FAR tokens — 10 billion credits — as an initial supply, with 90% locked until later stages of the project. The roadmap foresees a gameplay demo launch by the end of the year. After that, new credits will only be minted in crates, the project said. Credits are used for almost every in-game action, and major ones burn those credits, making them rarer — and presumably more valuable — over time.

Farsite is built on the Ethereum blockchain and is Eth2 ready but has three layers: Ethereum (L1), Polygon (L2) and ZK Relay (L3). Credits minted on the L2 sidechain  can be converted to FAR tokens via a bridge to the Ethereum L1 layer and traded on the open market. The L2 is so fast and cheap that the fees for in-game operations and trades are paid by the developers. L3 is where the in-game actions not involving credits happen, keeping performance optimized.


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