FTX to partner with Miami-Dade

The naming rights to the home arena of NBA team Miami Heat for a reported $135 million has been secured by the Cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

It has been reported that an American Airlines Arena of 19,000-capapcity will become the FTX Arena.

This is the first of its kind of the crypto business in the U.S professional sports venue wining a naming right.

A 19-year partnership with Miami-Dade was made with FTX, which entails that the arena, till 2040, will have the exchange name.

At a special meeting to be held in March 26, Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners will have to give its final approval

In the mainstream FTX partnership with Miami-Dade is another development in the mainstream of cryptocurrency and which is on the fast rise recently.

Also, Montreal Canadiens has secured a partnership with Crypto.com earlier this year and at the Ball Centre the logo has been brandished on the ice at home.


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