How to become a cryptocurrency bounty user and make money – About it

How to become a cryptocurrency bounty user and make money – About it

Dealing with Crypto and trying hard to learn more about this Crypto wave will eventually bring you to the term, Bounty. What is a bounty? How do you earn free coins?

What is a bounty?

A bounty is a simple task or job created by a coin developer. You take on the tasks to earn free coins usually before and during an ICO – Initial Coin Offering.

Tasks to earn coins in the project are usually easy. They include tweeting about the project, posting on Facebook, creating blog posts, designing a logo for the coin, or participating in a forum with the logo signature. These jobs are essential jobs for the coin developer to promote their coin during ICO stage.

This way, you earn coins and keep them till when the coins get released on an exchange during which you can sell them for profit.

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Bounties can be found at However some bounty users do not get paid and no coins are awarded to them though this situation is rare.

Bounty users gain much without investing anything except their time.

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