How To Buy Crypto On Binance


How to buy crypto on Binance and the proper steps to buy cryptocurrency on Binance are explained in this article.

As we speak, there are probably millions of people buying different cryptocurrencies on Binance, making a lot of money. I’m well aware that you, reading this, would like to do the same, but you are confused or unable to because you don’t know how to do so on Binance. Well, look no further because we will be explaining in complete detail how to buy cryptocurrency on Binance. Well, there are three major ways to buy crypto on Binance, but before we do so, I need to go about a few basic things before you can buy cryptocurrency on Binance.


If you’re new to Binance, before you can buy a crypto on Binance, you have to register by logging on to the finance site then registering with your email and password. When that’s done, you will be taking to this page.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance

You will see the three payment methods but don’t click on any yet; instead, click on the (Go to dashboard) option above. Once that’s done, you will be redirected to the main page..

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance

That’s the main page above, now this is where the real thing starts again don’t just go about looking for how to buy before that is done you have fill in your security details , and you can do that by clicking on

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance

The marked section on the image above is the profile icon

There you see the security option. You are to fill the form to the best of your ability and then navigate to the profile icon. There you’ll also see the identification option. There is a guide on the screen that would help you fill the form. You will be asked to provide your identity verification like your national id or driver’s license. Whichever is available is fine.

Now you have provided your proof of identity, let us proceed with how to buy the cryptocurrency on Binance but first, let me show you the available payment methods. First, you move your cursor or click on the buy crypto option above to see the payment options.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance


There are four payment methods available on Binance. Once you click the Buy Crypto as specified in the image above, the four available payment options will appear on the screen. They are,





A side note to remember, select the currency you want to buy on the pay with the option before clicking on any payment method below.


When you click this payment option, it takes you to the first page, which deals with fiat payment. Picture is below.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance

Now, if you have some experience with fiat, all you have to do is follow the payment process, basically doing all you’re told to do on by Binance website, and it cost 0 fees when making transactions with it, as you can see in the picture above that’s all there is to it. Now please go back to the image above. You can see the deposit crypto option on the top right side of your screen. If you have click on it, this will take you to the second payment method under bank deposit. If you’ve done that, the picture below should help you know if you are doing the right thing.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance

This deposit crypto page allows you to copy the address of your Binance wallet and paste it on any crypto platform you have, and deposit your crypto to the Binance wallet, which you can use to trade crypto.

Look closely on the right-hand side. You can see a crypto address there. If you want to deposit different crypto apart from bitcoin no need to fear on the left-hand side of your screen, there is a box there that says coin. If you click on it, it shows you the different kinds of cryptocurrencies you can deposit to use in your Binance wallet.

If there’s any other instruction, please follow through because mistakes like funding in the wrong address are non-refundable, so please be careful, and that’s it for this payment method. There is a how-to deposit option there on the address side that’s on the left. You can click on it and look if you find anything useful there.


This method is the second payment method after a bank deposit to buy cryptocurrencies on Binance. It’s self-explanatory. If you click on the credit/debit card option, it takes you to this page down below.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance

Now you don’t have to do any copying of address. Enter the amount you want, remember if your limit is 300, then it’s because your identification verification isn’t Completely submitted. The more the KYC information you provide, the more your deposit transaction limit increases. Once that’s done, then click continue, which takes you to this page below.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance

Click on the add new card option, fill in your card details, then buy it, and that’s it for this payment method. Now on to the next one. Slight note that this method is probably the most expensive because of additional fees from the bank.

P2P TRADING: The p2p, which means peer to peer trading, is a favourite. It’s quite easy to use. All you have to do is to click on the p2p option, where you find other payment methods to buy crypto.

The image below is a P2P transaction page on Binance

P2P transaction page on Binance

On this page, you can see Crypto adverts from another user who wishes to sell their Crypto. You are to choose whom to buy. You can see the number of orders they have done and advertiser transaction statistics on Binance. You will also see their prices, and under limit/available there, you can see the amount of Crypto the person wishes to sell. You can then look around and buy from the person you want if it meets your requirement.

Once you make payment, Binance takes your money, but don’t worry. There is a time limit. Once he has received the Crypto and doesn’t confirm the payment, you can appeal to Binance, and Binance will refund you, but normally it moves smoothly without any issues, so it’s very safe. There’s also the express method where you can buy at any time. Then any seller can accept your other than you do the same process as the p2p. The image is below.

How To Buy Cryptocurrency On Binance

And that’s it for the p2p method of buying your cryptocurrency.


(Simplex): Not too much to say here apart from the fact that this is a third party payment system like it says in the heading if you make use of simplex before now, please feel free to use it to pay and buy your crypto on Binance, but I will say that it is safe, so even if you haven’t used it before, feel free to use it.

So that’s basically on how to buy cryptocurrency on Binance. Also, all these methods can be applied when selling. 

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