Journalist Jort Kelder Exposes Bitcoin Scammer in YouTube

Bitcoin Scammer in YouTube

Dutch journalist Jort Kelder exposed a bitcoin scammer on video after discovering the fraudster was inappropriately using his likeness.

Crypto scammers are now using the likeness of celebrities and other well-known individuals to drive advertisement and fraud.

According to an investigation by Dutch news outlet Brandpunt+, several companies have been implicated in the improper use of imagery to drive crypto scams. Kelder who discovered a fraudster using his likeness in his advertisements, called out the man over Skype in a video that was published to YouTube on October 2nd.

The video saw Kelder accusing the man of using his face in fake news articles that appear to be endorsing the purchase of bitcoin and other crypto-assets. The advertisements are targeted to lure victims by asking them to invest in the bitcoin ponzi scheme including headlines such as “the most recent investment from Jordan Kelder surprises experts and frightens large banks.”

Kelder asked the scammer to “stop this kind of business.” The Dutch journalist concluded by telling the scammer that he will see him in jail.

Bye, bye, I’ll see you in jail.

Brandpunt+ believes the scammers are located out of the Czech Republic.

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