Latest news about – mylifechange247 crash report, login

Latest news about – mylifechange247 crash report, login

The going offline of has been a major problem for investors who have dreams locked in it.

The peer to peer donation website went offline and dropped a feedback message on Facebook that they are undergoing an upgrade and will come back online. However today being some days after they made the promise, they are still offline.

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The website has however said it is still undergoing an update and upgrade to serve it;s customers and members better promising that it will come online anytime soon. The participants are hereby told to stay up to date and exercise patience as the website will be online once it is done with the upgrade.


  1. Please answer.
    There is still thousands of members hoping MLC247 is coming back. There is also many who want to join. Please tell us when the website is up and running again. Also tell us if it will not return again so they can move on.

  2. if your dream has matured twomonths ago and you created a dream worth $20 000.00 are they going to pay the the matured money only or will they add all the outstanding months aswell?

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