NFTs could alter electronic signature firms-Cuban

NFTs could alter electronic signature firms-Cuban

Nonfungible tokens may have the ability to alter and even change industries dealing with identify verifications and electronic signature, according to the proponent of Dogecoin and the owner of Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban.

Nonfungibel tokens could change anything that is documentation driven, Mark Cuban said this in an episode of the Unchained Podcast released yesterday. Docusign which is an electronic signature firm could be destabilized by smart contracts.

Cuban opined that in recent times, that there is in use of smart contracts for Nonfungible tokens and which shows what is likely to happen in the world of business like legal documents and insurance.

Though the Dallas Mavericks owner said the NFT industry as a whole may change certain industries, his involvement was personally limited to buying the things he “likes to look at.” He’s also a major investor behind the marketplace Mintable.

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