NFTs is raising a Thriving Community with Cardano

The NFTs is now popular to its users despite the extra hoops developers have to jump through to create them.

In just three days at a price of 50 ADA per, 10,000 NFTs was sold by SpaceBudz, according to Alessandro.  Also, SpacBudz has sold as high as $40,000 in another eager secondary market.

CardanoKidz was working on Cardano –native NFT before the coming of SpaceBudz  as early as August, 2020.  Myriads of pre-sale round sold out ‘within hours of launch’

One Satoshi inspired kid sold for 32,000 ADA even before the tokens were minted and the NFTs themselves went live in late March, according to Zac, a member of of the CardanKidz.

Zac credits tools like a community-developed token and minting policy tracker for helping to make developers’ lives easier. The official Cardano developers, IOHK, appear to be embracing the new vertical as well, as lead engineer Polina Vinogravoda gave a quick tutorial on minting NFTs on the chain on Tuesday.

A host of other projects round out the upstart ecosystem, including CryptoPunk-inspired CardanoBits, and minting platform CNFT. While still rudimentary, the NFTs on Cardano are cheaper than those on Ethereum as well: minting a native token costs roughly 2 ADA, or $2.50.

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