Siam Commercial Bank Retracts Statement On Using XRP ‘Soon’

Siam Commercial Bank

The Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), Thailand’s largest commercial bank, has recently retracted a statement made via Twitter on it using XRP in the near future. Responding to a user, it clarified there are no plans to use the cryptocurrency for now.

According to a tweet from the bank’s official account which has now being deleted, an “XRP system” was set to be announced “soon.” The bank even asked a user to keep following it on social media to keep up with new updates.

In a new tweet, the SCB noted that it was “sorry for the previous information of the previous post,” and that it currently isn’t planning on using XRP. Despite the commercial bank’s conflicting message towards XRP, it’s known it has entered several blockchain-based initiatives.

Earlier this year, the SCB partnered with Thailand’s state oil company PTT Exploration and Product Public Company to use blockchain technology for cross-border business-to-business payments.

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