free login and password – register & sign up – about free login and password – register & sign up – about‘s mission is to make education accessible.

With short and fun videos, taught by great teachers, help students to easily master any subject and achieve their educational goals.

How long does it take to complete a course? courses are completely self-paced so you can take them as quickly or as slowly as you want. Each of their courses is around 100 lessons and each lesson is on average 5 minutes. Many diligent learners have finished a course in less than two weeks. Register of Login to HERE

How do I join a course?

One great thing about is that you don’t need to formally enroll in any of their courses. To start a course, you can simply click on the first video and just start watching. You can also select the ‘Start This Course’ button at the top of the course page. Either of these methods will ensure that the course shows on your My Courses tab.

Who’s taking’s courses?

Students ranging from elementary school to age 99 are taking our courses. Some of the most common uses include:

College students taking courses for credit
College students using the courses as an extra study resource
High school, middle school, and elementary school students using the courses as an extra study resource
Students studying for standardized tests and entrance exams
Instructors using courses as an instructional aid
Professionals earning professional development hours

What is a certificate of completion?

Premium Edition members have the ability to print out a Certificate of Completion after successfully passing a course. Students are using this to track their progress, verify their accomplishments or to provide proof of completion for their school or employer.

You can even list these certificates on your resume or social networking profile to make yourself more marketable. To learn more about’s certificates of completion click here. is a platform that will never allow you to regret anything about it … Try it today and thank me later …

You can achieve your dreams once you are determined and will go a long way to make this happen. All you need is dedication and hard work. Many who have tried do come forth with many positive testimonies.

Use the Live Chat Box herein or the comment box to testify about the good and bad side of this platform. You can also send an email to [email protected] to report anything.

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