Submit Mixtape To Blogs – Best Blogs to Submit Mixtape

Submit Mixtape To Blogs

Submit Mixtape To Blogs – Best Blogs to Submit Mixtape

Submit Mixtape To Blogs

Submit Mixtape To Blogs – Your music is your voice and what you stand for. These days, it is very hard to get yourself into the music industry because it is now music business. It costs a whole lot of money to promote an artiste even when he or she is talented. Everybody wants a taste of your cash to do what is right.

So people and up and coming artistes have resorted to submitting their music to blogs. Many Disck Jo-keys also submit mixtape to blogs. How do you do this ..?? How do you know the best blogs to submit your mixtape ..??

According to ,

“As a hip-hop artist, just making music and putting it out there for the world is not enough anymore. Technology has made it easy for anyone to purchase the basic equipment and become a rapper. Not only has this made promoting your music more difficult, it’s made getting your music featured in hip-hop blogs like HotNewHipHop, Fakeshore Drive, Complex Music, and more – less likely.

Now, don’t worry. It’s not impossible, and for those willing to put in the extra work to stand out, it might be even be labeled as “easy”. A lot of upcoming hip-hop artist are making similar mistakes like using spammy “mass-messaging” techniques. So, I’m going to show you how to stand out from the crowd and get your music featured.”

Getting featured on them will support your struggle, get your music before new potential fans, and manufacture your hip bounce profession. This is one of only a handful couple of systems that can be utilized all through the lion’s share of your profession. At any rate until the point that you get so enormous that web journals post your music exclusively because of set up connections and the activity your name conveys to their site.

To submit mixtape to blogs, first

1. Be SureThat The Blog Accepts Music Submissions

2. Build A Relationship With The Owner/Admin

3. Submit Only Exclusive And Unreleased Music

5. Appreciate The Hip-Hop Blog / Admin


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