Superset Token Review – Pre sale, ICO, Login, Customer care

Superset Token Review – Pre sale, ICO, Login, Customer care

Superset claims to be a system that allows anyone to create smart contracts using plain English. Superset can run over multiple blockchains (Ethereum, NEO, etc) and work with services like Salesforce, Dropbox, etc. The website has most of its visitors coming from India. The website was registered by one Deep RRR Corporation on the 6th day of January, 2018.

The Superset ICO Presale started on May 1 and will end on May 31, 2018. The ICO Main Sale Runs June 1 To Sept 30, 2018

Superset is a global exchange that allows individuals to create immutable smart contracts, facilitate payments over multiple blockchains, and arbitrate disputes. The smart contracts can be used to run your own freelancing service, or a crypto lottery, or recurring payments. You can write Superset smart contracts to do whatever you want.

1 Token = $0.80

Presale ICO Discount: From May 1-8, 2018 – 20%

Presale ICO Discount: From May 9-15, 2018 – 15%

Presale ICO Discount: From May 16-23, 2018 – 10%

Presale ICO Discount: From May 23-30, 2018 – 5%

Excluded Countries From ICO: USA (Only Accredited Investors), China,Cuba, Iran,North Korea, Syria.

Some of the Frequently asked questions about Superset according to the platform are:

  • How does Superset work: Superset uses natural language processing (NLP) engine that runs simple English sentences though its NLP/ML program to develop smart contracts that have traditionally costs upwards of 100K. The NLP engine was created by Dan Clark circa 2007 and utilizes proprietary neural network models to make this possible.
  • What problem does Superset solve: If you want to create a smart contract right now, you have to know how to program (in Solidity, etc), deploy it to the blockchain, etc. With Superset, you can create a smart contract just like you would compose an email, and have it up and running in less than one minute. Lets say you wanted to create a smart contract to pay someone in Bitcoin when they sent you some software you need. The process to do this without Superset would require days/weeks of programming to setup the contract, website, etc. With Superset, you’d just fill out a few fields, send money to the contract would be done in minutes.
  • Do you have a working version of Superset: Yes. We have a fully working version of Superset that works with Superset smart contracts as of March 1, 2018.
  • Where is Superset based: We are based in Silicon Valley (in California)
  • Will anyone be able to create a Superset smart contract with Version 1: Version 1 will have uneditable pre-created Superset smart contracts. We will release 1.x versions of Superset before releasing Version 2 that allow users to modify the pre-created smart contracts to some degree. Version 2 of Superset will allow anyone to create a Superset smart contract within a textbox.
  • What does “Programmable money using plain English” even mean: Currently, you can not program a dollar or euro to pay your friend if they text message you a certain code . Or how about programming your money to buy more Bitcoin when certain conditions apply ? With Superset, you will be able to do things like that. Hence the “Programmable money using plain English” , because you program your money just by typing english words to do what you want. Now, we are not claiming you can literally program your money to do anything with Superset, as Superset is but an acorn seed right now, constantly being improved and updated. We do believe our system will be able to surpass any existing NLP system though.
  • Is Superset open source: No, it is not.
  • Why should we believe your claims about what Superset can do: We welcome all healthy skepticism, and are not asking anyone to believe us on blind faith. You can easily wait for Version 1 to be publicly available before the ICO starts to see for yourself.
  • How do you verify withdrawals are by the user: We will send a text message to your phone, which contains a code you have to enter on the Superset website to complete the withdrawal. We may switch to Google Authenticator in the near future (or a similar system)
  • Do you verify all users on Superset: All users of Superset must go through our KYC/AML (Know Your Customer | Anti-money Laundering) checks in order to participate in the ICO or use the Superset software
  • What is the fee for the using the Superset platform: Superset is free to use. A Superset smart contract you participate in may require crypto currency but the Superset platform/website is free

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Dan Clark is listed as the Founder & CEO and  Alysson Do is listed as the CIO.

Dan’s Linkedin profile reads: “Software engineer for over 18 years that has worked with Fortune 500 companies (from Telecom companies, to startups, etc). I only have listed the projects I’m currently working on in my profile. I’ve shipped software that processes millions of documents per day for clients, and numerous other ground breaking systems . Passionate about Universal Basic Income, blockchain/crypto, AI, robotics, and creating sustainable systems.”

Alysson is simply identified thus : “Advisor and Investor at JAM Ventures”.

You can contact Superset via it’s Twitter handle by clicking the link below:


Remember to always contact us via [email protected] to ask your questions.

Superset is still thriving and gaining some grounds … Invest wisely. Stay tuned to know its progress level. There are no negative complaints flowing to us about this Superset token for now.


NB – Once you are asked to send money to claim a price which you have won, it is a scam.

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