Taringa! Social Network Launches Stablecoin Rewards For Users

Taringa! Social Network Launches Stablecoin

Taringa! , a Latin American social networking giant has partnered with MakerDAO and e-wallet provider Airtm to launch a stablecoin-powered points system. The platform launched it for its 27 million user base.

According to a publication by Tariga! on July 7th, the development was revealed on Friday during the Blockchain Summit Latam in Mexico City.

The program named “Taringa! Pioneers,” will allegedly reward users with points for creating popular platform content, which can then be monetized by being converted into MakerDAO’s Ethereum blockchain-based stablecoin DAI.

Taringa!’s publication stressed on the program’s potential to offer users a secure and stable store of value, as well as financial independence from governments.

E-wallet provider Airtm which enables users to convert their national currencies into cryptocurrencies and other forms of money has likewise underscored the importance of decentralized solutions for finance within the Latin American regional context.

Taringa! had also in 2015 partnered with wallet provider Xapo to launch a bitcoin-based revenue distribution system for users.

Taringa seen as the Facebook of the Latin American countries especially Argentina opted for a non-proprietary stablecoin solution different from Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project.

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