TRON To Unlock 33 Billion TRX On New Year’s Day


The TRON Foundation will be starting the new year by unlocking 33 billion TRX. They however did not provide a plan for how the coins will be used.

According to a tweet from TRON News on December 27th, the TRON Foundation will be unlocking 33 billion TRX on Jan. 1, 2020.

A tweet by TRON News activated the community on ideas for what should be done with the 33 billion TRX, including investing in partnerships, re-locking the funds or instituting a coin burn. Per the tweet, users’ responses can provide the TRON Foundation with information on “how the community feels” about the massive coin unlock.

Community members have speculated that the new funds could go towards boosting the crypto exchange Poloniex, which was recently invested in by TRON founder Justin Sun. Others fear the TRON Foundation may dump some of the $445 million worth of TRX on the market.

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