TZero Adds Ravencoin to Supported Cryptocurrencies

TZero Adds Ravencoin to Supported Cryptocurrencies

tZero a Blockchain company has added Ravencoin to the list of cryptocurrencies supported by its tZero Cryptocurrency wallet and trading app.

Ravencoin And tZero App Bond

TZero announced in a press release that Ravencoin will be joining Bitcoin and Ether among the cryptocurrencies supported by its trading and wallet tZero Crypto app, available for iOS and Android devices. According to the release, the company submitted the updated iOS app supporting the crypto asset to the store yesterday.

The app allows users to buy, sell and hold crypto assets. Saum Noursalehi, TZero CEO commented on the development by explaining the reasoning behind choosing to add Ravencoin support:

“In addition to being one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, Ravencoin is philosophically aligned with tZERO in making it easy to digitize assets and make them freely tradable. […] Ravencoin allows for straightforward issuance and on-chain transfer of any digital asset, including security tokens, making support for RVN a natural fit for tZERO Crypto.”

Ravencoin is an open source cryptocurrency aiming to enable instant payments, build and support security tokens, digital collectibles, utility tokens, gift cards, fiat currency or other user-defined assets while TZero is a majority-owned subsidiary of retail giant Overstock focused on the development of blockchain applications.

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