Visionary coins global Review – How it works, Login & Register, Vcc, Scam

Visionary coins global Review – How it works, Login & Register, Vcc, Scam

VCC wants to create a community where poverty is old news, a community where people will never go broke, a community where members, continuously and periodically help each other financially, earning profits of up to 80% Monthly in the process.

The VCC’s domain was registered by the same people who registered Peoples Dream. Both are South African websites. Visionary coins is a stokvel. A stokvel is a peer to peer donation network. Peoples Dream says it is not a Stokvel but a Digital currency. On it’s website,, the platform wrote : “Peoples Dream is not a donation network or an online stokvel. Peoples Dream is a Digital Currency where money is generated from the purchase of coins the coins appreciate or depreciate in value when people buy and sell coins.” was privately registered on the 14th day of December, 2017. It offers up to 80% ROI. This the anonymous operators of the website revealed by writing : “With Visionary Coins Community you can participate with your SPARE money to help someone in the community fulfil their financial dreams, and in return you can be awarded with up to 80% per month.”

According to them, “By buying minimum coins of R300 to R50 000 you will be part of the community with one goal, Maximum withdrawal is R100 000 .Bonuses can be withdrawn anytime as from R300, Maximum R20 000.”

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The conclusion about all these is that VCC is a Ponzi scheme …a Stokvel. A Ponzi scheme pays old members from the money paid by new members and once there are no new members, a Ponzi Scheme shuts down and some people must loose their hard earned money.

You are advised to participate in all Ponzi schemes with your spare money! To access, register of Login to VCC, click the link below.


Use the Live Chat Box herein or the comment box to testify about the good and bad side of this platform. You can also send an email to [email protected] to report anything.

Don’t forget to report any suspicious online scam or fake website to us via [email protected]

There are no negative comments about Visionary coin global yet. We are still closely watching this scheme.

Visionary has a vision of creating a community where poverty is old news. We are watching to see how they intend to achieve this. Stay tuned …

Visionary coins is still trending in South Africa and it has been a story of so far so good … Remember to invest and participate with caution.

Contact us via [email protected] for questions and possible answers.

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