Is Earnit Folding Up..? Fraud ..?? – Details on Deleting Accounts

Is Earnit Folding Up..? Fraud ..?? – Details on Deleting Accounts



Why are you deleting accounts whilst you have not yet paid them?

As long as accounts has pending payment, they are not dormant. A dormant account is one that is occupying space without a single transaction pending on it for the month. This means the person may be running multiple accounts whilst expecting money from one to put in the other or no longer ready to continue the pledging cycle(which the system needs to stay healthy)


1. EARNiT is fraud?

Ans. No fraudulent business pays back money into the accounts of people when there is a delay in the system.
We are over 30,000 peers in this community and we had to delete non serious people so that more serious people will have space to join and keep the pledging and earning cycle going.

2. Is EARNiT folding UP!

Ans: No we are not folding up, we have come to stay we are working round the clock to see everyone rise to the top and become successful,

We will continue to implement changes that would not only make us better, but the best in the p2p world.

valar dohaeris

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