Loom Ponzi Scheme Review – Registration, How It Works

Loom Ponzi Scheme Review – Registration, How It Works

Loom Ponzi Scheme

Loom Ponzi Scheme or – Loom Investment is a peer to peer platform that is more or less like your daily contribution or Ajo like you’ll call it . Loom is of the view that this is not a Ponzi because no one is paying to a central account & you won’t lose your money , because once you’re in the middle of the loom , there’ll be someone to pay to you , Constant K .

Depending on how fast you join , you might be in the queue earlier , so you’re sure to cash out faster provided you do one thing , bring someone along .

Now a lot of people have been in one Ponzi scam or another, so their first response is Ponzi? Mmm? No !
You can’t blame people like that , but what people don’t understand is that , all these systems crash , due to laziness , selfishness & most of all Greed . Every man wants his own , but don’t care about the next person .
Loom is checkmated by the fact that it’s on WhatsApp & you know exactly who you’re paying to ( there’s an interaction)

The most simple thing to do for yourself is this – before you actually invest, be ready to focus on this for a little while , consider it your office ( loom is not for people who form big boy & big girls or people with pride, or people who feel after they invest , 104k will just land in their laps ) because most people struggle to see 100k in a month but here you are , making 104k in 2 days or less & all you have do is , convince someone to join you .

Now when you join the Loom Ponzi Scheme, the middle person who is cashing out , will give you everything you need – from testimonies to screenshots, to actual proof of the legitimacy of LOOM Network. Your only job as a new participant is to bring people in to join with you & that’s the end .

Frequently asked questions

1. What if I don’t have people

Ans: there are two hundred million Nigerians & you have social media , there’ll always be someone . You just keep looking

2. When will I cash out if I invest now

Ans: you invest 13k now in the loom ponzi scheme or loom investment, you bring at least two people to the sets before yours & you can cash out within hours/ minutes . The duration of a group , depends on the attitude of the members in Gold, Blue & Pink , If everyone decides to bring at least one person , it’ll move you closer to the middle . The faster the set finishes , the faster you get your money

3. How many people am I supposed to bring?

Ans : really as many as you can , but at least one per group .

4. Will I lose my money

Ans : never, the worst that can happen only if you don’t bring anyone . Is you’re going to be in a group with nobody you brought to help you , when you’re in the middle . And there might be a total of 1 Payment or two .. out of 8 , but nobody is losing money , because every day people are joining

5. Can I open my own loom

Ans : now a lot of people are being scammed , out of their own ignorance & because they don’t know what this is about. You can only invest in another LOOM , you can’t just open a LOOM , because you have the chart or because you know people . This program works as a cycle. And it has always been 13k to make 104k , you join a set by being part of the 8 , and you bring someone to join you , the group breaks and divides till you’re in the middle , and if you previously put in effort in the last group , people will obviously put in effort for you , because you brought them and they’re on the queue to receive money after you .

Now guys LOOM is easy to understand & I was quite skeptical just like you at the beginning, but it surprised me & paid me , and I’ve reinvested to get another round , if you still don’t want to join that’s fine … but you’re doing yourself a disservice if you change your mind later , because imagine all the time you wasted .

Loom investment or loom ponzi scheme is not going anywhere, so it’s either you sit & watch your friends make money – or you join in now , because one thing is sure . If we all put GREED , ignorance & impatience aside & face this – we’ll all become RICH .

How it works

4k to 32k
You send 4k to an account
And then you join the loom
And get more people to join
Then as they join the send more to that person too
When the outer circle is full
The loom breaks in two and everyone moves up a color
And then eventually you’re gonna be at the center and you’ll be the account getting paid
And once you’ve gotten your 32k then your loom ends and it’s up to you if you wanna go again
It’s not only u that’ll b looking for other people because when u join, other people too in the group will also be searching because as u get more people the person in the centre gets to leave, if u’re in the next circle/loom, You enter the centre and then u start getting paid as people enter, once u’re in the centre and 8 people join, u have your 32k, that’s it. It’s like a turn by turn stuff.

If u’re not in the centre yet, you and other people in the loom have to look for more people to join, because the more they join, the faster the person in the middle can exit and the next person enters

So when u enter, it’s not only u that’ll b looking for people to join, it’ll be u, the person in the centre and others in the group.

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