Update on mymlc247.com crash, shut down report – mylifechange247.com


Update on mymlc247.com crash, shut down report – mylifechange247.com


Has mymlc247.com shut down finally ..?? Is it really going through an upgrade ..?? Have dreams which you are yet to retrieve ..?? The site is currently offline making many to be very uncomfortable. However, the website has through it’s Facebook page promised to return as they are currently upgrading … ( See update below)

Mymlc247.com is a peer to peer donation system and many people donated hoping to get their money with profit back. Click Link below to try accessing this website.


However, currently the website is offline which have kept many people in fear of loosing their money. But Mymlc247.com has via their Facebook page updated participants and told them to fear not as the system is just undergoing an upgrade. Read according to their official Facebook page below:

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“The Truth:

To all mlc members.our system is currently under maintenance as we all know we were hacked by ddos.so everything is being sorted and starting from next month we will use a new form of payments which is CRYPTO CURRENCIES can you all kindly join this link updates will be made as from today later on about mlc there is nothing to stress about please help us bring back mlc and share this with everyone who has TELEGRAM help us build mlc stronger happy New Year…”

It has always been advised to indulge in all these peer to peer donation systems with your spare money …

Many people think the website has crashed but the website has promised to come back online after an upgrade …

Mymlc247.com is still currently offline and a new site mylifechange247.net has been floated. However, it has not been confirmed if the new site is coming from the admins of mymlc247.com

MyMlc247 is still offline … and it seems the site is no longer in Google search. Their Facebook page is also not coming forth with any update. Stay tuned to get updated here on the latest about mymlc247.

There are comments on Social media that Mylifechange247 is coming back with better packages … and that those their money or dreams got trapped will receive it once it comes back. Stay tuned to get updated once it happens.

Don’t forget you can always use the Live Chat Box herein to chat with real people who are experiencing the same thing like you or use the comment box to testify about the good, bad and ugly pertaining this platform. (Mylifechange247)

Any information about the admins of this Mylifechange247 will be greatly appreciated as it will help our investigations.

UpdateMylifechange247 reportedly gave a flash message according to its participants that it will be back. Mylifechange247 has caused more harm than good in South Africa.

Mylifechange247 is rumoured to be coming back from the 1st to the 3rd of March. Mylifechange247 is back reportedly and some people accessed their accounts but were unable to pay out. Stay tuned …

The admins of this Mylifechange247 are currently being investigated by the relevant authorities. Stay tuned …

The best you can do right now is helping with the investigation by providing the necessary information you have … via the comment section. Account numbers of people who you paid via this scheme will be very much appreciated.

Update – Please give us any valuable information with regards to this scheme via the comment section.

The investigations are still ongoing … help with possible information please.

A new website mlc24seven.com just popped up not long ago claiming it is the new website of Mylifechange247. Stay tuned as we decipher how true this is …


  1. Hi .
    When will the mylifechange247
    Site be online .i need to claim
    Its 2weeks now that the site is off.
    Please to something it was the only site that was realy working

  2. my new mature date was the 15th/01/2018,after it was posponeded for three times from the 24th/12/2017,now can my money been paid out?

  3. We have downliners who register under our links and want answers from us. Please tell us more about MLC247 and don’t hide the truth from us even if MLC don’t comes back anymore

  4. I’ve got a problem.My dream is long over due 05 : 12 :2017.I don’t receive any explaination& as a result I loose confidence. Can’t u guys respond in our E mails.We look forward to help each other as peers as most of us not working . We take MLC as a platform to fight poverty but know we not SURE

  5. It would have been nice if mlc just decided to keep us updated… more have to be communicated. We’ve been patient… but to what extent? More than a month… and yet… nothing

    • Im johanna nzama01 password johanna i just wanted to know about the 10000 the 2000 2000 that was matured nov 2018and widrawal was made in nov29 dece 11 but we never got paid i we still gonna get ur money back or what is happening

  6. When will mymlc247 be back online. I have dream that has matured already in Jan 20 2018. And another that will mature in June 2018. Reply.

    • Im johanna nzama01 password johanna i just wanted to know about the 10000 the 2000 2000 that was matured nov 2018and widrawal was made in nov29 dece 11 but we never got paid i we still gonna get ur money back or what is happening

  7. I need an update as group of an investors please . to mylife change 247.com .
    I have been try to log in but still fail .

  8. OK the side was striped right ,but our emails still exist
    If the money is in bank right , date , day and months it can Confirm the Money that
    we have been deposited to the certain Banks . please try by adding sumthing els .

  9. truly there is a way to send us our matured dreams. that was not spare money it was borrowed and intended for university fees. exam is in may, and they don’t allow you to write without paying or with a balance. it would be evil of mlc to rip off people already struggling. at least if it goes it needs ,to without wrecking peoples lives and leaving them after promise to help kick poverty! we’re still hopefully waiting.

  10. I’ve also just noticed that we’re being asked to post but there hasn’t been any response to any of the questions previous posters have asked. what is the purpose of this platform then?

  11. Can someone Please advise us as to what is happening with MLC?? I have been waitiung since last Yaer November with my Monies and till today nothing is happening.Why cant they just send us emails to let us know what is happening? I really want my Money now.

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