Nintendo Game Boy Turned into Mining RIg by a YouTuber

Nintendo Game Boy Turned into Mining Rig by a YouTuber

Stasksmashing, Pseudonymous Youtube conetent creator has coverted his Nintendo Game Boy, into a Bitcoin Mining Machine. Nintendo Game is a handheld game console that was manufactured thirty years ago.

It became clear that it is time to get into Bitcoin mining game, after ELon Musk announced that Tesla has started accepting BTC payments, as stated by Stacksmashing.

However, the limitation of Stacksmashing was his inability to get any graphics card online that is quite decent and which could have prompted him to be creative.

Stacksmashing opined that when he deciphered that there a plethora of high-end gaming hardware around him, it prompted him to use that for mining Bitcoin.

And so a Game Boy became his hardware of choice. For reference, the original, unmodded console that he used has a 4.19 megahertz CPU,

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