The Billion Coin App Review – TBC Wallet App

The Billion Coin App Review – TBC Wallet App

The billion coin has upgraded its app. The new features include, TBC Police, Email TBC Support and an Improved dashboard.

According to the developers Fudmart, “The Billion Coin App is an All in One for your TBC business where you promote TBC with Kringle Cash, Manage your coins with the tbc004 wallet, stay informed with The Billion Coin Blog plus have access to TBC calculator and projection calculator.

This Great App makes it easy for you to manage your TBC portfolio.”

Now see what are people saying about The Billion Coin App below:

Moliehi Khoabane gave is a 5 star rating and wrote: “I bought TBC in 2016, But I still don’t understand much about it. But I’m loving the app, it makes so easy to check the progress of my coin. Thank you for it. Keep the good work.”

Charmd Herbert also gave it a 5 star rating and wrote: “I especially like the fact that everything you need is simply at a touch of a button, in close vicinity and practically perfect in every way ???? thanks for making it easy”

Jenkins Monzey gave it a 5 star rating and wrote: “This app is is great shortcut to everything TBC. thank you!! Now please turn ALL send buttons on so I can use TBC Mart and buy those wonderful books”

Charles Gunter dropped a 3 star rating and wrote: “The app and site needs some tweaks! The app TBC needs tweaking and when TBC alerts pop up on my screen on my phone I tap it and it won’t take me to any TBC alerts at all! Your system needs an upgrade! Other than the fact of free kringles is a plus but It also requires you to pay a $10 fee! I really need proof that this is a legitimate business! While others have had ICO’s and transitioned and went on to popular trading platforms! This is slow in process! I’m trying to keep my fingers crossed! PLEASE respond back to this comment!”

Fudmart replied thus: “Apologies for the delayed response. First, the $10 fee is a lifetime (one time) fee for your wallet as against paying transaction fee per transaction forever. TBC does not charge transaction fee when transacting on the network. The fees is used in hiring blockchain expert, maintaining the network plus server etc”

Frans Albertus Ras also dropped a 3 star rating and wrote: “I want to know whether someone has managed to withdraw any of their money since the beginning of this app? Something just feels odd about this. However if it is not a scam then we’ll done to them.”

Fudmart replied thus: “Hi, the app is for you to stay informed about development in the directly from TBC admin and manage your portfolio. People are making money with or without the send button. The send button being turned off is for a purpose. Click on the link to learn more:”

MK Studio has this to say about the app – “I love the tbc app. Am new to tbc just a week ago at first I paid in $200 and later yesterday I paid my $10 activation fee but my account has not been confirmed. Time for migration is near i want my wallet to be migrated. What have I done wrong?”

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Update – People are complaining of not being able to withdraw Bitcoin via this app. This app is largely made for Bitcoin cash not Bitcoin.

There are no complaints of theft via this app for now.

Remember to contact us via [email protected] to report any thing and also enquire about anything.

NBBitcoin cash and Bitcoin are not the same. These are two different cryptocurrencies which is being confused by many.

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