1. my vb’s matured on the 25th April, seeing that the money is too little compared to what had been promised after 6 months I hv decided not to withdraw the money bt to stay another 3 months nd see what will happened. I am asking pls to be able to withdraw on the 25th July

  2. VB i dont know how you do yr things my dream matured in march and up to now i cant withdraw and another one matured in April but still the same.can you please do something.

  3. I have to withdraw by end May , but is seems I am log out . I tried and the system tells me my log inns are wrong .

  4. Hello

    My VMs have matured I have been trying to withdraw since the 24th April I really need help because I really need that money..

  5. I also need help I’ve been blocked since January 31 until now and I think u supposed to unblocked me nw

    • Hi guys I real need help I have to withdraw my money from February bt n I can’t withdraw it because I have been blocked since January 31 until now plz help I need this money

  6. I have invested since last year have not enjoyed any of my mature money and I would please withdraw it I need it

  7. Also experiencing the same problem..mine has matured on the 6 june but I cant withdraw till now please help I really need that money

  8. I think something is wrong with VB, becuz i cant withdraw any matured dream up to now.my fourth dream will mature this week again but not even one dream did i withdraw.

  9. VB wake up plz i want to withdraw my money, out of five dreams not even one dream did i withdraw.what is happening to your system.how can i invest if i cant enjoy my matured dream.the money is a lot i can invest more but now i cant.fix this problem please i need this money.

  10. What has happened to VB? My dream matured in June. But the system had been busy but the money had dropped. Now I can’t even log on anymore. I want my money. Why are you so quiet VB?

  11. Hi,I been trying to withdrew my vm’s since were my withdrawal was ready but am unable to do so.What is really happening with virtual bank?

  12. Pls pls pls VB help me out here, a u still working or u hv runaway like others do? if not pls I need to login and rewidraw my dreams pls

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