Binance accused of violating US trading activities .

The US Commodity Features Commission is investigating the Crypto Exchange Binance for allegedly permitting the traders in America to place wages that is against the United States regulation

The CTFC is the institution that regulates the selling and buying of derivatives in the United States of America, though Binance is not registered with them. The crux of the allegation as posited by CTFC, is that Binance allowed the infringement to occur without proper notification of CTFC. It is imperative to state that the probe may not lead to enforcement action, because Binance has not been accused of any misconduct.

Cryptocuurencies like Bitcoin  are commodities as submitted by CTFC and as a result of that CTFC are of the opinion that they should regulate these assets and so  that any trading that entails their derivatives of future would need to be regulated by the regulatory agency.

Finally, the CEO of Binance, in the person of Changpeng Zhao has tweeted recently that it is not a bull market without some fud.



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