Bitcoin will always be the king of Cryptocurrencies- Saylor

'Whale’ wallets may be becoming an endangered species as Bitcoin price staggers

There is zero chance of Bitcoin loosing its crown as the king if cryptocurrencies according to Michael Saylor of Microstrategy. But the aforementioned assertion by Saylor has been opposed on the premise that when it comes to TECH, bitcoin cannot compete favorably.

However, since the launching of bitcoin, especially in times of market cap, it has ,managed its challenges.

The market  has maintained its preference for Bitcoin, even with the existence of other  technically faster, cheaper and superior blcokchains.

Bitcoin still outshines every other crypto project and by a distinctive margin, though the days of days of eighty percent dominance has elapsed.

Also, people are skeptical on Bitcoin maintain its position for long and most of the opponents of bitcoin has cited a theory of first movers making way for new technologies. They also gave examples such as Netscape to Chrome and Myspace to Facebook.

Bitcoin has plethora of flaws that it can flip at anytime,much as per second speed as regards to seven transactions, lack of programming of bitcon and lack of privacy.

A poser has been raised whether bitcoin has a future considering the flaws.

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