Ping An exceeds Tencent in the race of Blockchain

The most reputed cited developer of patents in the blochain industry is IBM while the biggest blockchain patentee is Ant Group.

According to new report, the largest number of blcokchain was filed by Chinese holding conglomerate, Ping An Group.

A report on the rankings of the world’s foremost blockchain patentees was released by Intellectual focus magazine Intellectual Asset Management.  based on rakings Ping An filed 1, 1215 blockchains patent families last year, as revealed  on the Derwent World patent Index and which is far more than Ant group and Tencent.

Ping An has increased its number of patent applications las year up from just 291 in 2019, which they did on the premise of owing a total of 1, 749 blockchain. Pin An a company that sis situated in Shenzen operates an insurance and financial conglomerate, of which their services are quite all-encompassing, which includes trust, asset management and banking.

Setting up a Blockchain focused boutique in 2018 by the Ping An bank, the company has been cementing its presence in the industry.

With Tencent having a total of 1,666 patenr family applications, Ping An has overtaken Tencent by the total number of historically filed patent families.

However, the biggest blockchain patentee with a total of 2, 298 since last year, still remain Ant Group that filed estimated 586 patents.

Ranked fourth in the report is Global Tech Giang IBM, which is the only American company mentioned in the report and as at 2019, it has a total of 647 patents. IBM patents have the highest citation rates, despite Chinese companies leading the world in the number of Patents

Also, some of the earliest intellectual rights in the blockchain space is owned by the company ‘.

The number of yearly worldwide blcokchain patent applcations has steadily decreased over the past three year, thereby dropping form 12,300 in 2018 to in 2019, 11,299. The data reveals that in 2020, 9,415 of blcokchain related patent families.


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