The owner of Dallas Mavericks and Shark tank in the person of Mark Cuban, is slated to appear on tonight’s episode of Booze and Blockchain.

On how decentralized finance and non-fungible token fascinates the billionaire is expected to be the gravamen of the topic tonight. Also it is pertinent to note that the notion and perception of Cuban are the propelling cases for blockchain technology.

Also, to explore the world of cryptocurrencies, Mark Cuban joined franchise investors of NBA to discuss at length the new tech in NBA

Mark Cuban will also talk on his extant Dogecoin (DOGE) interest and also other projects on his investment radar according to the host Adam Levy of blockchain venture studio and fund Draper Goren Holm

As payment option for Dallas Mavericks Merchandise, Mark Cuban adopted DOGE as a payment option. Also  Mark has earlier this month made a tweet that Dogecoin’s price rech the $1 mark on the back sales of Mavs Merc.

Cuban has once expressed his like for bananas over Bitcoin, so his more positive statements aboutr crypto is somehow confusing.

Also in recent times Mark is always of the praise of Cryptoccurrencies and most especially bitcoin. Also, noted gold bug and BTC skeptic Peter Schiff called Bitcoin a Living technology of which Mark Cuban disagreed with him.

Adam levy the host of Blockchain & Booze talking on the appearance of Cuban, opined that:

 “Having Mark Cuban on the show is one of our biggest highlights for the Boozer community. I’m honored to be sharing an hour with him live in front of thousands and to pick his brain on his outlook for the industry.”



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